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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest UK DVD releases August 2007

Our Top 3 picks of the new UK DVD releases in August 2007 are : -

1. Taxidermia

Released 13th Aug 2007

A superbly freakish Hungarian movie from last year. Grotesque, beautiful, gross and different.

2. When The Levees Broke

Released 27th August 2007

3 disc edition of Spike Lee's colossal documentary on the scandal of what was allowed to happen to New Orleans.

3. The Monocled Mutineer

Released 27th August 2007

One of the last great contemporary BBC mini series. Alan Bleasedale's brave telling of the mutiny in the trenches of the first World War.

Other notable DVD releases we recommend in August 2007 are : -

Amazing Grace

Released 6th August 2007

Michael Apteds film telling the story of Williams Wilberforce and his 20 year historic battle to abolish English participation in the slave trade. .


Released 13th August 2007

Nanni Moretti's film from 1998 full of charm and harking back somewhat to the glory days of Italian cinema.


Le Trou

Released 13th August 2007

Jacques Becker's 1960 classic. Possibly the finest prison movie of all time.

My American Uncle

Released 13th August 2007

Aka Mon Onlce DAmerique. Highly interesting 1980 french drama of intertwining lives.

Claude Chabrol collection vol 2

Released 27th August 2007

Includes Les innocents aux main sales , La route de corinthe, Une partie de plasir, Poulet au vinaigre, La fleur du mal, La rupture.


Laurence Olivier collection

Released 27th August 2007

Includes Richard III, Henry V, Hamlet, 21 Days, That Hamilton Woman, 49th Parallel, The Demi-Paradise, The Boys From Brazil, and The Jazz Singer.