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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases December 2006

Our Top 3 picks of the new USA DVD releases in December 2006 are : -
Our Top 5 picks of the new USA DVD releases this month are : -

1.Wim Wenders Collection Vol.2

2. Mozart & The Whale

3.Little Miss Sunshine

4. The Wicker Man

5. When the Levees Broke

Other notable DVDs released this month that we recommend : -
Week Commencing 5th Decemeber 2006

A Love To Hide

The Pet

Week Commencing 12th Decemeber 2006

World Trade Center

House Of Sand


A Tout de Suite

Week Commencing 19th Decemeber 2006

Lady In The Water

A Scanner Darkly

The Celestine Prophecy


Agnes and His Brothers

Week Commencing 26th Decemeber 2006

The Descent


The Black Dahlia

Who's Camus Anyway?