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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases January 2008

Our Top 3 picks of the new USA DVD releases of January 2008 are : -

1. This Sporting Life

Released 22nd January 2007

Lindsay Anderson's classic tale from 1963 of a coal miner who becomes a Rugby league star. A superb release including documentaries and early Lindsay Anderson free cinema short films.

2. The Naked Prey

Released 15th January 2008

Cornel Wilde's suffocating and atmospheric tale of the hunter becoming the hunted. Another superb Criterion release.

3. Sunshine

Released 8th January 2008

Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, 28 Days Later, Millions etc) give us a spacey sci-fi epic that beats most Hollywood offerings hands down.

Other notable DVDs released in January 2008 that we recommend : -

Go West

Released 8th January 2008

Ahmed Imamovic's excellent 2005 tale of love set against the troubles in Serbia and Bosnia.

Madagascar Skin

Released 8th January 2008

Buried treasure from 1995 starring John Hannah and Bernard Hill. A truly romantic modern film.

Eagle Vs Shark

Released 8th January 2008

Superb misfit comedy in the mold of Napoleon Dynamite.


Scenes Of A Sexual Nature

Released 15th January 2008

A film about relationships. Think of a clever version of a Richard Curtis film will all the twee nonsense taken out.

Groundhog Day - 15th Anniversary Edition

Released 29th January 2008

One of the best ever (and most imaginative) family movies ever. This time with issued with loads of extras including docs, commentaries, deleted scenes etc.

Los Muertos

Released 29th January 2008

Lisandro Alonso's bold, hypnotic medatation set in the jungles of Argentina, and in the mind of a man determined to be lost.