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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest UK DVD releases July 2007

Our Top 5 picks of the new UK DVD releases this month are : -

1. Blue / Glitterbug

Blue is Derek Jarmans touching account of coping with the HIV virus. The DVD also includes Glitterbug a compilation montage of Jarmans terrific visuals.

2. Blessed By Fire

A story of the Falklands conflict told from the perspective of the Argentinian soldiers.

3. Lord of the Flies

The classic and still immensely powerful 1963 version of William Goldings legendary novel. DVD has some impressive extras.

4. The Bridge

Eric Steels controversial but powerful documentary documenting suicides at The Golden Gate Bridge.

5. L'homme De Ma Vie

A quirky account of a young womans quest to find a husband, but how will she know when she finds him?

Other notable DVD releases we recommend this month are : -
Week Commencing 2nd July 2007

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

One of the surprises of 2006 - a great film with Robert Downey jnr? A coming of age drama with a man looking back to his formative years in the Bronx of the mid 1980's.


A superior Korean movie by Director Lee Myung-Se. A detective in pursuit of a money laundering gang becomes attracted to the gangs henchman.


Olivier, Olivier

Agnieszka Holland's 1993 film. A powerful and disturbing tale of a boy who disappears from his family but suddenly reappears nine years later.

(Link to be updated)


(Aka IIs). A couple living an idyllic rural existence are shaken from their peace buy "Them". Whomever "them" / they are.

Week Commencing 9th July 2007

Coen Brothers Boxset

A mismatched collection of Coen Brothers movies - Fargo, Millers Crossing and Raising Arizona.(Check out our Coen Brothers Guide and Coen Brothers Shop)

Francois Truffaut Boxset

Superb collection of Truffaut films. Includes The Man Who Loved Women, The Wild Child, Mississippi Mermaid, The Story of Adele H, and The Bride Wore Black


Robert Altman Boxset

A superb collection of films by this genius of modern cinema. Includes Fool For Love, The Long Goodbye, M.A.S.H., O.C. And Stiggs and Thieves Like Us.

Harold Lloyd Definitive Collection

Almost 30 hours of feature films, shorts and featurettes from the criminally underrated star of the silent era.

Week Commencing 16th July 2007

Glastonbury (3 disc)

Stunning three disc edition of Julian Temples excellent cinematic take on the annual musical mudfest.

Into the Mirror

AKA Geoul Sokeuro. A welcome re-release of Sung-ho Kim's Korean drama about an ex cop drawn into a investigation that forces him to face his fears.

The Fruit Machine

Frank Clarke's under rated follow up to A Letter to Brezhnev. The story of two young gay lads who go on the run after witnessing a murder.

Thatcher The Final Days

Superb TV film following the final days in Margaret Thatchers ruthless and evil reign as Prime Minister of Little Britain.


Week Commencing 23rd July 2007

Breaking and Entering

Anthony Minghellas superior character driven drama about the complexity of relationships.

Harold and Maude

A welcome rerelease for one of the quirkiest romances ever. Genuinely touching. Bless.

Fur - An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Ok it does star Nicole Kidman but don't let that put you off. Its basically a pretty good film, which doesn't quite reach the heights it could have done with the makings of a really great story.


Iraq in Fragments

Stories highlighting post war Iraq by focusing in on the ordinary lives of those living under extraordinary circumstances.

Week Commencing 30th July 2007

Diary For My Children

A very welcome re-release for Márta Mészáros 1984 film from Hungary.

Love in the Strangest Way

Aka Elles n'oublient jamais. A rather good "French" thriller from 1994

Rien sur Robert

An immensely enjoyable millennium black comedy from writer / director Pascal Bonitzer.


One of the delights of 2006. From the pen of Hanif Kureishi (My Beautiful Launderette and The Mother). Starring the legendary Peter O'Toole and Leslie Phillips (ding dong!).