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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases June 2007

Our Top 5 picks of the new USA DVD releases this month are : -

1. If

Lindsay Anderson's hugely influential 1968 classic finally given a DVD release.

2. La Jetee

Influential film from Chris Marker comprised completely of still photography. The story of a post apocalyptic society was the basis for the Terry Gilliam's film The Twelve Monkeys.

3. Raining Stones

Welcome re release for this classic tale of hard times, family and moral dilemmas. Written by the superb Jim Allen and Directed by Ken Loach.

4. Late Ozu

Five film set from the later years of legendary Japanese Director Yasujiro Ozu's (Tokyo Story) career. Includes Early Spring, Tokyo Twilight, Equinox Flower, Late Autumn and The End of Summer.

5. Darwin's Nightmare

A disturbing but hugely thought provoking film about the plight of Africa and its uneasy trade relationship with the countries in the developed world west.

Other notable DVDs released this month that we recommend : -
Week Commencing 5th June 2007


Superb and somewhat lighthearted documentary made by actress Annabelle Gurwitch after being sacked by Woody Allen.

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari

A hugely innovative and enjoyable reworking (superimposing actors on original shots of the 1919 film) of the silent era classic.

Police Story

Expanded re release of far and away Jackie Chan's finest film. (Remember him this way).

Sergio Leone Anthology (8 Discs)

Box set of from the genius includes 4 films - The Good the Bad and the Ugly, A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and Duck You Sucker plus 4 discs of Extras.

Week Commencing 12th June 2007

The Two of Us

Claude Berri's 1968 classic tale of a Jewish boy living in Nazi-occupied France who is sent to the countryside to live with an elderly Catholic couple and the unlikely bond he forms with anti-Semitic Grampa.


Julian Temples excellent take on the festival released to coincide with the yearly mudfest.

The Jeeves Collection

Two movies (plus extras) from the pen of the incomparable P.G.Wodehouse. Stars David Niven as Bertie Wooster


The Hustler (CE)

Superb two disc collectors edition of this classic movie.

Week Commencing 19th June 2007

Factory Girl

An interesting attempt at bringing the life of Edie Sedgwick (Warhol's muse) to the screen. A missed opportunity, but interesting all the same and well worth a look. (Update release put back to 17th July)


A superb film of Lord Longford and his long campaign for the release of a convicted child murderer.

Max and Mona

A very engaging film from South Africa of a young man who sets of from his remote village to live in the big city (with his goat).

Max and Mona

A very engaging film from South Africa of a young man who sets of from his remote village to live in the big city (with his goat).


Week Commencing 26th June 2007

A Piece of Sky

Superb tale from first time French director Benedicte Lienard concerning a union official forced to make a difficult decision of social justice.


(aka Superprodukcja) Juliusz Machulski's 2003 satirical piece about cinema both in Poland and further afield.



Writer-director Billy O'Brien's worthy attempt at a lo-fi horror thriller set on a remote Irish farm.


Masai: The Rain Warriors

Documentary maker Pascal Plisson's stunning debut fictional movie telling the tale of group of young Masai warriors who set out to kill a mystical lion to end the drought threatening their village.

Four Last Songs

Directed by Francesca Joseph (director of reality TV series Driving School?) comes the tale of British ex-pats attempting to put on a piano recital.