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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases June 2008

Our Top 3 picks of the new USA DVD releases of June 2008 are : -

1. Control

Released 3rd June 2008

Anton Corbin's debut feature is a fantastic biopic of the life and death of Ian Curtis (lead singer of the post punk Mancunian band Joy Division). Based on the book by Curtis' widow, it features breathtaking performances from the leads Sam Riley and the hugely under-rated Samantha Morton.

2. Funny Games

Released 10th June 2008

Micheal Haneke travels to Hollywood, to faithfully remake his own 1997 controversial study of violence for the purposes of entertainment. The remake stars Tim Roth and Naomi Watts - which is nice.

3. Be Kind Rewind

Released 17th June 2008

Directed by Michel Gondry , the man behind one of our favourite films of recent times The Science Of Sleep. For a mainstream attempt this is a notable effort, and amazing Jack Black is only marginally annoying in this film (who'd have thought that would be possible).

Other notable DVDs released in June 2008 that we recommend : -

The Other Boleyn Girl

Released 10th June 2008

An entertaining (if perhaps unbelievable and Unbelievably glam) take on the story of Henry VIII's wife's sister Mary Boleyn.

Joy Division

Released 17th June 2008

To compliment the release of Control (see above) comes this superb documentary film charting the rise and death of Manchester's highly influential post-punk band Joy Division.

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

Released 17th June 2008

Paul Schrader's 1985 masterful collage portrait of acclaimed Japanese author and playwright Yuko Mishima. Given an awesome Criterion release.

Before The Rain

Released 24th June 2008

One of the first films to come out of the newly 'opened up' Macedonia. This 1994 film is a stunning reminder of the realities of war and includes some amazing performances (Katrin Cartlidge, Phyllida Law).


Released 24th June 2008

Highly innovative take on the graphic novels The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Whilst the adaptation retain much of the spirit of the novels, the format does not always work as well as the subtlety of the original novels.


Released 24th June 2008

A delightful collection of 4 films from the maverick of art-house cinema Derek Jarman. Includes the superb Caravaggio, Wittgenstein, Blue and The Angelic Conversation.