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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases March 2008

Our Top 3 picks of the new USA DVD releases of March 2008 are : -

1. No Country For Old Men

Released 11th March 2008

Deserved multi nominated Oscar winner for The Coen brothers. A welcome return to form for the duo after some extremely lamentable recent attempts.

2. The Ice Storm

Released 12th March 2008

A superb Criterion release of Ang Lee's masterly tale of the early 1970s cultural confusion, explored by some superb performances.

3. Atonement

Released 18th March 2008

Superb adaptation of Ian Mckewans classic story. James McAvoy in particular gives an excellent performance. The film is only slightly spoilt by the many "this ones for the Oscars" scenes.

Other notable DVDs released in March 2008 that we recommend : -


Released 18th March 2008

A less than inspired and predictable story, that is transformed by some old style Disney charm into one of the best family films in some time. Visually stunning and an entertaining film throughout.


Released 4th March 2008

Superb film from Mongolia. Tells the tale of a shepherd following his destiny to become a shaman.

12 Angry Men

Released 4th March 2008

A 50th anniversary edition of one of the finest films ever made. One of the rare films where every element of the story and perfection is close to perfection.

Housewife, 49

Released 11th March 2008

Victoria Wood writes and star in this tale for an ordinary women during the extraordinary times of World War II.


Released 25th March 2008

Anton Corbijn's dark and tender insight into the complicated life and death of Joy Division's Ian Curtis.

Strange Culture

Released 25th March 2008

An engrossing true life tale of a man accused of his wife's murder. Innovatively told by documentary and dramatic recreation.