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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest UK DVD releases May 2007

Our Top 5 picks of the new UK DVD releases this month are : -

1. Becket

Superb historical biopic from 1964 outlining the story of King Henry II and Thomas Becket.

2. Eisenstein Collection Vol 1.

Eisenstein is known as the legend of cinema. Little wonder when these 70 / 80 year old films have lost none of their impressive impact. Contains his masterpieces Battleship Potemkin, Strike and October.

3. Frozen Land

AKA Paha Maa. Superb Finnish film based on a Tolstoy tale, which ruminates upon the nature of fate and determination.

4. Woody Allen Collection

Contains 4 of his finest films Annie Hall, Manhattan, Sleeper and Everything You Always .... All these films were made before his slump when he became determined to continually make the same film over and over again.

5. The Celestine Prophecy

Entertaining nu age / Da Vinci type plot. Of course nothing stands up, but its not to be looked at that closely.


Other notable DVDs released this month that we recommend : -
Week Commencing May 7th 2007


Superb movie. Cate Blanchett is superb in this film (as she is always is these days).

Cut Sleeve Boys

A very interesting low budget film set within London's Gay Chinese community.


Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Ok it does star Nicole Kidman but don't let that put you off. Its basically a pretty good film, which doesn't quite reach the heights it could have done with the makings of a really great story.


Un Flic

Jean-Pierre Melville's French 1972 excellent crime drama starring the superb Alain Delon and Catherine Deneuve.

The Viking Queen

A welcome re-release of the 1967 "so bad its good" campy tale of Celtic Druids vs Romans.

Week Commencing May 14th 2007

Into Great Silence

Ever wondered what it is like to live in a remote monastery? Exactly like this. A documentary that is as beautifully sparse as you can ever possibly imagine.

Little Children

Kate Winslet is superb in this study of the fragility of middle class suburban life.

The Last King Of Scotland

An incredible tale highlighting the terrible rule of Ugandan President Idi Amin portrayed by Forest Whitaker who deservedly won the oscar for his role.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Vol.2

Contains three classic films from the notorious Italian director. Hawks and Sparrows, Oedipus Rex and Pigsty.

Alejandro Jodorowsky Boxset

6 disc collection of superb films from the director of El Topo.

Week Commencing May 21st 2007

Black Kiss

AKA Shinkuronishiti. Superb 2004 tale from Japan concerning concerning two flatmates who have serial murders committed around them.

Suburban Mayhem

Dark Australian film from 2006 telling the tale of a young, out of control, single mother and her plans to kill her father for her inheritance.

Pat and Margaret

Long awaited DVD release for Victoria Woods superb 1994 comedy drama tv movie.

Diary of a Lost Girl

The legendary Louise Brooks stars in probably the greatest film to come out of the German silent era.


25th Anniversay 2 disc edition of Werner Herzog 's monumental amazon tale.

Week Commencing May 28th 2007


AKA Iklimler. This Turkish film from 2006 is a masterpiece in minimalism. It focuses beautifully on time and distance passing between a man and wife.

Harold Lloyd Collection

10 disc DVD box set of the largely forgotten genius of silent comedy. (He was certainly a lot funnier than Chaplin).


AKA Molock. Russian film from 1999. The plot sounds like something out of Monty Python - a cosy couple of days in 1942 Bavaria with Hitler, Eva Braun, The Goebells's and Boorman.

Andrei Tarkovsky Companion

Superb documentary of the legendary Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky - Solaris, Ivans Childhood, Nostalgia, Stalker et al.

The Fountain

Director Darren Aronofsky's (Pi) expansive and credible lo-fi Sci-fi sentimental story.