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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases May 2007

Our Top 5 picks of the new USA DVD releases this month are : -

1. Old Joy

An atmospheric and pastoral piece starring the fabulous Bonnie Prince Billy himself Mr Will Oldham.

2. Army of Shadows

AKA L'Armée des Ombres. This is Jean-Pierre Melville's most powerful film confronts the reality of underground fighting in the French resistance. Finally given the Criterion release treatment.

3. The Naked Civil Servant

The life of the wonderfully flamboyant Quentin Crisp and his daily battles against the prejudices of society.

4. Becket

Superb historical biopic from 1964 outlining the story of King Henry II and Thomas Becket.

5. Young Aphrodites

AKA Mikres Aphrodites. This Cult 1963 film from Greece is a gem of minimalism and imagery. Beautiful indeed.

Other notable DVDs released this month that we recommend : -
Week Commencing 1st May 2007

Little Children

Kate Winslet is superb in this study of the fragility of middle class suburban life.

El Topo

A welcome release for Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1971 cult classic.

2006 Short Film Collection

An excellent collection of short films that received Oscar nominations in 2006.

Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?

Fantastic documentary focussing on a one woman crusade to prove a painting bought in a junk shop is an authentic Jackson Pollock.

Dont Look Back (Deluxe Edition)

Bob Dylan at his best and possibly the finest tour movie ever made

Week Commencing 8th May 2007

Big (Directors Cut)

One of those good time films you can watch over and over again. Interesting to see how much the directors cut differs from the cinematic release (already considerably different to the TV cut ).

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Ok it does star Nicole Kidman but don't let that put you off. Its basically a pretty good film, which doesn't quite reach the heights it could have done with the makings of a really great story.

Spring In A Small Town

Aka Xiao Cheng Zhi Chun. This 1948 jewel fro China is a beautifully bleak and stark tale of interwoven relationships.


1978 movie Directed by Claude Chabrol and starring the incomparable Issabelle Huppert.

The Dead Girl

Superior mystery starring the superb Toni Collette. A beautifully shot and brilliantly put together film.

Week Commencing 15th May 2007

Vengeance is Mine

A criterion release for this superb 1979 Japanese film based on the true story of a multiple murderer.

Pans Labyrinth (2 disc edition)

Superb expanded release for one of the best films of 2006.

The Fountain

Director Darren Aronofsky's (Pi) expansive and credible lo-fi Sci-fi sentimental story.

The Black Kiss

AKA Shinkuronishiti. Superb 2004 tale from Japan concerning concerning two flatmates who have serial murders committed around them.

Street Angel / Twin Sister

Two absolute classics from the 1930's Chinese Cinema.

Week Commencing 22nd May 2007

The Final Patient

This interesting thriller from 2005 concerns a doctors discovery of the fountain of youth, but when his discovery is revealed the problems begin.


AKA Mem-o-re. A decidedly mainstream but better than average thriller concerning a substance which exposes those who come into contact with it others vivid memories.


Regular Lovers

AKA Les Amants réguliers. Superb French film from 2005 about the event of May 1968 and its aftermath.

Sansho the Bailiff

AKA Sansho dayû . This superb tale from 1954 Japan is set in medieval feudal Japan, but explores themes even more relevant to the years we are now living in.

The Luc Moullet Collection

4 disc collection of films for the fantastic Luc Moullet.

Week Commencing 29th May 2007

Out of Hand

Eva Urthaler's superb debut feature about two teenagers who kidnap a woman but then do not know what to do with their victim.

Free Zone

An excellent story with a very impressive performance by the fantastic Natalie Portman.

Wide Awake

Alan Belriners riveting documentary about Insomnia (Yawn!).

Vive La Muerte

Fernando Arrabal's 1971 directorial debut - a dark surrealist classic.

The Hawk is Dying

An excellent "little" film which stars the superb Paul Giamatti who gives a stunning performance.