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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases May 2008

Our Top 3 picks of the new USA DVD releases of May 2008 are : -

1. I'm Not There

Released 6th May 2008

Todd Hayne's unique superb film about the many and unique lives of Mr Robert Zimmerman (Super Bobby Dylan). Unmissable.

2. The Lovers

Released 13th May 2008

(AKA Les Amants) A newly re-mastered Criterion edition of Louis Malle's 1959 classic starring Jeanne Moreau. Packed with new extra features.

3. Youth Without Youth

Released 13th May 2008

Fantastic tale from Francis Ford Coppola, about a man (Tim Roth) who starts growing younger following a lightning strike, and is hunted down on account of his unique condition.

Other notable DVDs released in May 2008 that we recommend : -

The Air I Breathe

Released 20th May 2008

Every so often a film comes along that triumphs despite a patchy (Brendan Fraser) and often mismatched (Sarah Michelle Gellar) cast. This superior crime drama is such a film.

Dans Paris

Released 6th May 2008

Christophe Honore's 2006 follow up to controversial Ma Mere starring Isabelle Huppert, is a more accessible movie than would have been expected, and is a surprisingly watchable tragi-comedy.

The Cottage

Released 13th May 2008

Superb 2007 British horror com. Not as quite good as Shaun Of The Dead, but then again what is?

Le Gai Savoir

Released 13th May 2008

From 1968, one of Jean-Luc Godard's most unpromising, but ultimately, most rewarding features.

The Willow Tree

Released 20th May 2008

Majid Majidi's 2007 film about a man blind from birth who regains his sight to see the world in a very different way.

The Violin

Released 27th May 2008

Director Francisco Vargas' compelling tale of a farmer who travels round the countryside to earn money by playing his violin. When he tries to return to his village he is halted by the military who have taken over.