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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest UK DVD releases November 2007

Our Top 3 picks of the new UK DVD releases in November 2007 are : -

1. Marketa Lazarová

Released 26th November 2007

Finally receiving a release after some frustrating delays is Frantisek Vlácil's masterpiece. Set in the 13th Century it is an ambitious, multi-layered medieval epic, and is a stunning piece of cinema. It has recently been voted as the best Czech film of all time.

2. Inland Empire

Released 26th November 2007

David Lynch's 3 hour epic is something of a break away from his tried and tested (and retested) formula. Probably his most inspired work for quite a few years.

3. The Tree of Wooden Clogs

Released 5th November 2007

Aka L'Albero degli Zoccoli. A superb film portrait of peasant life in turn-of-the-century Lombardy. Written, directed, shot and edited by Ermanno Olmi. A popular Winner of the Palme d'Or,

Other notable DVD releases we recommend from November 2007 are : -


Released 5th November 2007

Remastered two disc edition of the Beatles mop top ahead of its time surrealist classic. But when are they going to release Let It Be?

Monty Python The Monster Box Set

Released 5th November 2007

16 discs of all the Pythons cinematic marvels. Plus the complete Flying Circus series. Crammed with the films, spam, bonus features, more spam, naughty bits and a large helping of spam, wonderful spam.

The Flying Scotsman

Released 5th November 2007

The true story of Scottish cyclist Graham Obree who single handedly takes on the whole of the professional cycling world with his self designed bike made including bits from an old washing machine.

Private Fears in Public Places

Released 12th November 2007

AKA Coeurs. Alan Resnais' film based on the Alan Ayckbourn play. A witty French romance following six people all looking for love (it's probably down the back of the sofa! If you are ever looking for anything it is usually down the back of the sofa) .

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Vol 1)

Released 12th November 2007

Superb set from of of Europe's most fascinating post war directors. Includes films features Lola, Martha, Why Does Herr R Run Amok? and the documentary I Don't Just Want You To Love Me.



Released 26h November 2007

A modern take on the bible story and set in Margate. The ancient story is updated and has a real resonance in its modern context.