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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest UK DVD releases October 2007

Our Top 3 picks of the new UK DVD releases in October 2007 are : -

1. It's A Free World

Released 1st October 2007

Ken Loach's latest movie looking at sharp practices and British attitudes. Read our full review of It's A Free World.

2. The Seventh Seal

Released 22nd October 2007

50th Anniversary edition of Bergman's landmark movie. How his talent is missed.

3. Francois Ozon Collection

Released 1st October 2007

Includes Swimming Pool, 8 Women and 5x2 from the masterly director.

Other notable DVD releases we recommend from October 2007 are : -

Alec Guiness - Screen Icons Collection

Released 1st October 2007

Five films from his Ealing prime. Includes Kind Hearts and Coronets and the magnificent The Man in the White Suit.

Taking Liberties

Released 15th October 2007

Shocking documentary charting the erosion of human rights that have taken place in the uk in recent years.


Grow Your Own

Released 15th October 2007

Frank Cottrell Boyce's comedy about the great British institution of allotment keeping.

Little Dieter Needs to Fly

Released 22nd October 2007

Werner Herzogs powerful documentary of a German national who emigrated to the US to join the navy and become a pilot during the Vietnam War.

Michael Moore's Uprising

Released 29th October 2007

Tour document following him in his journey to get the USA to appreciate and to use its democratic processes.