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Latest USA DVD, Blu-Ray and HD DVD releases week commencing - 7th October 2008

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The top 3 DVD releases 7th October 2008

1. Le Deuxième Souffle

feature packed Criterion release of director Jean-Pierre Melville 's 1966 pulp classic. The stories follow an underworld criminal who has escaped from prison and gets involved in "one last robbery". Meanwhile Inspector Blot is pursuing his quarry. One of the finest portrayals of a heist anywhere in cinema.

2. Boy A

That these films slip out virtually unnoticed is both a joy and a tragedy. Boy A is a superb film with a truly original story and an amazing cast of less than a list actors (Andrew Garfield, Peter Mullan, Siobhan Finneran, Alfie Owen et al) who do absolute justice to the terrific story. Hunt this one down, it's an absolute treat .

3. Le Doulos

Another Jean-Pierre Melville crime related classic. This time starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Serge Reggiani and Jean Desailly, the story revolves around a criminal who exists in the complicated hinterland between passing information over to the police and keeping in with the underworld. Again given the features packed Criterion treatment.

The best of the rest of other DVD releases 7th October 2008

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The 1945 George Sanders version of this evergreen classic from the pen of Oscar Wilde. Teh definitive version it has to be said.

Slacker Uprising

Michael Moore's tour designed to inspire the young to the vote, and investigate why they don't. When a campaigners garner $160m per month to get themselves elected no wonder less and less people are interested in the obscenity that is the electoral process. What price democarcy?

Paranoid Park

Gus Van Sant's best film. fulfilling all of his early promise of Drugstore Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho. He the score, cinematography, story and cast all combine in a truly terrific film (again) emphatically about teh trials and tribulations of youth.

Halloween (Three-Disc Unrated Collector's Edition)

With Halloween just around the corner, the Halloween series gets a rather nice collectors edition treatment. Also check out our Horror movie guide.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

A great cast does a sterling job in this deeply involved film adapted from the successful novel of the same name.

20 Years After

A good post apocalyptic film is a hard thing to find. This tale is a good one. Set Twenty years after the fall of the bomb tells teh story of a young woman's journey and her battle to deliver thr first baby born in many years.

A Model Employee

Veteran French director Jacques Otmezguine helms this French language film from 2003. Not entirely consistent as a movie, but somewhere between the B movie / thriller elements there is mouch more going on with the characters than first meets the eye.

Watership Down

Pretty much a world away from anything Disney has produced, this, by turns, charming and dark animation is much more than just a "kids movie" that it often seems to be aimed it.

Ripple Effect

Forest Whittaker and Virginia Madsen (surely Hollywood's most underated actress?) star in this interwoven tale of truth, guilt and redemption

The top 3 Blu-ray releases 7th October 2008

1. Young Frankenstein

One of the best comedy movies of all time. But beyond the Brooks / Wilder schtick is a tremendously well observed tribute to those old horror movies, along with a superbly realised sets and a once ina lifetime cast all pulling together. In truth that looks clearer in Blu-ray is not really the point, but its just another reason to go out and buy this classic on a different format. This film also features in our Horror movie guide. Also read our full Young Frankenstein review.

2. Carrie

Brian De Palma's horror classic from the Stephen King novel. King of the shock De Palma pulls it off big time here. This is one horror film whose visceral nature is amplified even further by the clarity of this special edition on the Blu-ray format.
This film also features in our Horror movie guide. Also read our full Carrie review.

3. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (50th Anniversary Edition)

A film 50 years old that was at the cutting edge / way ahead of its contemporaries for special effects now given a Blu-ray release. There are some very enticing extras here for fans of Ray Harryhausen. The only note of caution is that in the Blu-ray format some of the films original techincal / colour aspects do get found wanting, but thats the price you pay for being pioneers.

The best of the rest Blu-Ray / HD DVD releases 7th October 2008


Perhaps Tim Burton's most mainstream work, but there are obvious signposts here to his later and superior work. Visually stunning and you could make a case to say that the Blu-ray format was amde for Tim Burton's work.

Ray Harryhausen Collection

Includes Harryhausen's most well known work - 20 Million Miles to Earth, Earth vs. Flying Saucers, It Came from Beneath the Sea and, 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Hopefully this collection will sell well and we'll get a collection of his other less widely released work.

The Omen Collection

The landmark Omen films collected in a Blu-Ray edition. The original film includes a host of extras exclusive to this edition. A great collection of films with a hefty rrp - hopefully post release you'll be able to pick it up for a more reasonable price.

The top 3 TV releases (all formats) 7th October 2008

1. The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh Season

This is probably the peak of The Simpsons powers, before the weakening scripts started to set in. Enjoy all 22 episodes included here like the one with Homer killing Ned, Moe the soap star, and Homer's motorcycle gang.

2. Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord - Episode 144-147

From 1986. Colin Baker's final episodes. Contains an epic story line in the episodes Mysterious Planet, Mindwarp,Terror of the Vervoids and culminating in the awesome The Ultimate Foe.

3. The Munsters: The Complete Series

Who needs The Adams Family, for us it's The Munsters every time. Conatins every episode of the original series plus pilot episode and later features.


The best of the rest TV releases (all formats) 7th October 2008

30 Rock: Season 2

Simply one of the best shows on TV. This release is packed with bonus features too.

Mission Impossible - Season 1 - 5

Landmark series collected here on 34 episode packed discs. We personally prefer to think the dreadfull film remakes with Tom Cruise never happened.

South Park: The Cult of Cartman - Revelations

Cartmans best 12 episodes (which coincidentally are pretty much South Park's best), plus some exclusive Cartman life lessons.

Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius (Episode 84)

A terrific story featuring the best Dr (Tom Baker) and the best assistant Sarah-Jane Smith. Superb commentary track and added extras.

Lexx: Season One

4 disc edition of the first 4 features that joined togther to form the first season of this superbly imaginative sci-fi series.