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Latest USA DVD releases September 2008

Our Top 3 picks of the new USA DVD releases of September 2008 are : -

1. The Bill Douglas Trilogy

Released 23rd September 2008

Bill Douglas was something of a lost name in British cinema, but his trilogy of films My Childhood, My Ain Folk and My Way Home are some of the most fiercely personal stories ever brought to life in cinema. With those personal stories the joy and crushing lows of being brought up in a poverty stricken mining town in Scotland, and the 'escape' from home cut into the viewer like a knife. We here at alt-flix are dying to see Douglas' truly lost classic Comrades an extremely rarely shown epic about the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

2. Ladies And Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains

Released 16th September 2008

An almost legendary and lost 1981 low budget flick about an all girl punk band rising from obscurity to next big thing. A cast that included Ray Winstone, alongside musicians Paul Cook and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) and Paul Simenon (The Clash) the film enjoyed only rare screenings, but like all great cult classics, over the years gained a significant following through word of mouth and lots of poor quality video tapes and discs changing hands. Now receiving its first commercial release on any format.

3. The Big Lebowski - 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Released 9th September 2008

Ten years on and The Big Lebowksi still rocks (or rolls is more appropriate) and this is our favourite US movie of all time. Ok this release is in novel bowling ball packaging, but the real treat is that the previous releases have been rather bereft of extras whilst this one is an extras laden 2 disc release. Other editions available including Blu-Ray, HD DVD, and normally packaged anniversary editions.

Other notable DVDs released in September 2008 that we recommend : -

Chris Marker releases

Released 2nd September 2008

Legendary photographically inspired director Chris Marker (La Jette, Sans Soleil etc) has four extras packed DVDs released separately. The Last Bolshevik / Happiness (1993); then Remembrance of Things to Come (2001), his most recent work The Case of the Grinning Cat (2004) and most excitingly The Sixth Side of the Pentagon / The Embassy (1967).

Water Lillies

Released 2nd September 2008

One of last years best European movies - a portrait of a love triangle between some Parisian teenagers it was selected in the official selection at both the Cannes and the Toronto Film Festivals.


Released September 2008

A truly superb documentary about Derek Jarman, one of the UK's most talented, provoking and experimental directors. The film includes many previously unseen clips form his film along with rare interviews, and is a fitting reminder of just why he is just so missed.

Wild Strawberries

Released 9th September 2008

Released as part of the Essential Art House series of DVDs. Ingmar Bergman's 1957 classic is a must see (don't be put off by his reputation his films are much more accessible than some would have you believe).
Also released the same day in the series are: The Lord Of The Flies, Grand Illusion, Rashomon, Beauty and The Beast and Knife In The Water.

The Love Guru

Released 16th September 2008

Everyone is waiting for Mike Myers to make a bad film - keep waiting. This is another truly funny Myers movies stuffed with some great gags, and again proves he is one of the very few universal talents making comedy these days.

British Cinema Classic B Film Collection, Vol. 1

Released 16th September 2008

B movie in this particular context is slightly misleading. There are some classics contained in this great selection. The Siege of Sidney Street is the pick of the bunch, the true story of a riot come uprising in the East End of London in 1911. Also included is Tread Softly Stranger, The Frightened Man, Crimes at the Dark House, The Hooded Terror and Girl in the News.

The Singing Detective

Released 23rd September 2008

A re-telling of Dennis Potter's classic 1980s TV serial. Surprisingly for a Hollywood produced movie, the retelling only loses a small amount of the charm and the darkly bitten spite of the original series. Robert Downey Jr gives his finest performance so far in the film, and the rest of the cast are pretty good too. Having said all that I would strongly recommend that anyone who enjoys watching this film should track down the DVD of the original series as it is an absolute masterpiece.

Aki Kaurismaki's Proletariat Trilogy

Released 23rd September 2008

(Shadows in Paradise / Ariel / The Match Factory Girl) . Switching disarmingly and constantly rotating somewhere between tragedy and comedy, these social-realist comedies beautifully trevail the trials of the working-class of Kaurismaki's native Finland. A uniquely talented film maker whose work deserves a much wider audience.

Cinematographer Style

Released 23rd September 2008

A truly fascinating and beautiful documentary focusing on the art and artists involved in cinematography. Includes inllumintaion from such cinematographers as Roger Deakins (the Coen brother's cinematographer) and Vittorio Storaro (whose stunning cinematography graced Apocalypse Now).

Taxi To The Dark Side

Released 30th September 2008

The film that quite correctly won the 2007 Oscar for best documentary feature. This film makes for extremely uncomfortable viewing. The film centers around the death of a completely innocent young taxi driver in Afghanistan, who is subjected to horrifying torture / interrogation in prison at the hands of the American forces. His death, from the injuries sustained in his interrogation is not unique, either in Afghanistan Guantanomo etc, and the film goes onto explore how the US administration appeared to ("unofficially") condone the tactics of torture in the name of democracy.

An Autumn Afternoon

Released 30th September 2008

Aka Sanma no aji . This final film by Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu was originally released in 1962, and it tells the story of a widower who has to encourage his daughter to lead her on life rather than look after him in his old age. The film is something of a masterpiece, deceptively paced, acutely observed and meaningfully powerful, Ozu's trademarks are all also apparent here. Yet another classic Criterion release.

The Hairdresser's Husband

Released 30th September 2008

Aka Le Mari de la coiffeuse. The story of Antoine, a little boy who falls in love with the local hairdresser, and in his obsession he gets his hair cut as often as he can. When he grows up, his obsession with hair cutting is undiminished, and one day meets a hairdresser, Mathilde, and for both of them it is love at first sight, but not necessarily all happy endings. Another superb offering from Patrice Leconte and ranks alongside L'Homme du train and Monsieur Hire as some of his finest work to date.