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Recent DVD release highlights UK

This Sporting Life

UK - November 09 - The release of a bumper selection of mainstream blockbusters and Christmas films dominate November's releases with Star Trek XI, Terminator Salvation, Ice Age 3 and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen all released to tie in with Christmas spending splurge.

UK - December 08 - The release of The Dark Knight, The Counterfeiters and a second volume of Pier Paolo Pasolini's collected works. On Blu-ray format we have The Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Also in TV releases we have Lost: The Complete Fourth Season, National Geographic Stonehenge Decoded and 24 - Redemption.

UK - November 08 - The release of the Lindsay Anderson's classic gritty debut This Sporting Life, that has now been beautifully digitally restored. On Blu-ray format we have Tarantino's Kill Bill vol 1 & 2, Last Emperor and Zulu. Also a great month for TV releases including Family Guy (series 7), The Mighty Boosh (Series 3) and Doctor Who (Series 4).


UK - October 08 - The release of Malcolm McDowell's superb 1 man show tribute to Lindsay Anderson - Never Apologise. On Blu-ray format Hidden AKA Cache. Michael Haneke's classic 2005 psychological thriller. Also released is The Short Films Of David Lynch a very strange selection as you might imagine. Also a bevvy of kitchen sink dramas including Poor Cow, A Taste Of Honey and A Kind Of Loving.

UK - September 08 - Including our DVD release of the month Leolo. The release of Jean-Luc Godard's superb series Histoire Du Cinema, and director Neil Marshall's contribution to the post apocalyptic / viral outbreak genre Doomsday.

UK - August 08 - The most recent Mike Leigh movie Happy-Go-Lucky. Re-release of the underrated 1998 film about artist Francis Bacon Love Is The Devil. Nostalgic tale of the football devotion and growing up in Those Glory, Glory Days.

UK - July 08 - Isabelle Huppert and Claude Chabrol team up for A Comedy Of Power. Michael Haneke's remake of Funny Games. Re-release of Amma Assante's impressive debut A Way Of Life. The many lives of the many Bob Dylan's in I'm Not There. Garth Jennings innovative and enchanting Son Of Rambow.

UK - June 08 - The Coen Brothers oscar-laden and very welcome to return to form No Country For Old Men. Landmark trilogy of My Childhood, My Ain Folk and My Way Home released on the Bill Douglas Trilogy. Michael Gondry strikes to the very heart of the mainstream with Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind.


Recent DVD release highlights USA

Shawshank Redemption on Blu-Ray

USA - December 08 - On DVD - The Coen brothers' Burn After Reading, Ricky Gervais in Ghost Town and Man on Wire. Also on Blu-ray the release of The Dark Knight, Death Proof and The Truman Show. In TV releases there is Lost: The Complete Fourth Season, T he A-Team: Season One and I Claudius.

USA - November 08 - On DVD - A delayed release for the excellent Mister Foe. A release for Isabelle Hupperts excellent Madame Bovary. Also on Blu-ray the release of Caligula, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Hellboy II. In TV releases there is The Complete Sopranos, The Tudors - Season 2 and The Howdy Doody Show- 40 Episode Collection.

USA - October 08 - Flight of the Red Balloon Inspired by Albert Lamorisse's classic beautiful 1956 Oscar Winning extended short The Red Balloon. Also Short Cuts - A feature packed Criterion release of director Robert Altman 's 1993 mutli strand story of LA living.

USA - September 08 - A slew of Chris Marker films. A superb new edition of The Big Lebowski with long overdue extra features. The Excellent Bill Douglas Trilogy and the movie version of The Singing Detective.

USA - August 08 - Buried treasure with the release of the 1950's Japanese classic Twenty-Four Eyes. The unfinished finished Orson Welles' Don Quixote.

USA - July 08 - Akira Kurosawa's classic contemporary drama High and Low. The Canadian classic from 1971 Mon Ocle Antoine.

USA - June 08 - The Ian Curtis biopic Control. Michael Haneke's remake of Funny Games. Michael Gondry strikes to the very heart of the mainstream with Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind.

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