Film: The Big Lebowski 18 rating Year: 1998
The Big Lebowski DVD Cover
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Country: USA Genre: Comedy
Director: Joel Coen
Starring: Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, Philip Seymour Hoffman

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The Big Lebowski Synopsis - The Big Lebowski is set in Los Angeles and centres around the Jeffrey Lebowski, or as he prefers to be known The Dude. The Dude is an LA slacker whose life seems to consist of little more than smoking joints, drinking White Russians and Ten Pin Bowling. So when his rug is subject to micturation in an apparent case of mistaken identity, the Dude goes to see the real Mr Lebowski, a very wealthy business man, to ask for a replacement rug, but is given short shrift. A short time later Mr Lebowski contacts the Dude as his young " trophy" wife Bunny, has been kidnapped and he thinks the mistaken identity will help in getting his wife back. Jeffery agrees, for a fee, to take the case containing the ransom money and drop it off at the kidnappers. Unfortunately he has enlisted the help of Walter as his driver and Walter's unpredictable nature means the delivery of the ransom money is bungled, so now both the ransom money and Bunny Lebowski are missing. Can they get the money and Bunny back?

Review of The Big Lebowski - Once in a while there is a film.. and this is that film. The Big Lebowski is an absolute classic. Part crime thriller, part slacker comedy, this is one not to miss. The plot line is very strong and reminds you of many early private detective novels, this plays perfectly against the main characters of the Dude, the slacker and his psychotic angry friend Walter. Add into the mix a large amount of bowling with their their friend Donny - a pleasant but wallpaperish Steve Buscemi, a group of Nihilists who are after the ransom money, and Mr Lebowski's sister Maude, who is looking to use the Dude as her personal sperm bank, and you have an unusual, hilarious but above all brilliant film. The cast is superb and all of the main actors are right on the button.
The reasons I recommend The Big Lebowski are: 1. A superb and clever story that is hilarious throughout. 2. A superb main cast, all of whom are fantastic in their roles.