Film: Buffalo 66 15 rating Year: 1998
Buffalo 66 DVD Cover
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Country: USA Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Vincent Gallo
Starring: Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Ben Gazzara, Anjelica Huston

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Buffalo 66 Synopsis - Buffalo 66 is set in Buffalo, New York and centres around Billy Brown, a young man recently released from five years in jail. During his time in jail he has been lying to his parents that he is a CIA agent and that he is now married. When he is released and arranges to visit his parents his mother insists of meeting his wife. On the way to his parents he manages to kidnap a young woman, Layla, and forces her to corroborate his story when he visits his parents house. Whilst driving there Layla starts to fall for him, and happily goes along with his instructions. When they finally get to his parents house, Layla begins to relish and embellish her's and Billy's fictional life together. But there is something else that is further eating at Billy, and that is gaining revenge for the bent kicker of the Buffalo Bills who indirectly led to him being put into Jail.

Review of Buffalo 66 - A terrifically odd and extremely slow paced film that is an absolute delight to watch. Vincent Gallo seems to divide opinion on every level but Buffalo 66 is fantastic. The plot wanders around in the background and its not until near the end that it starts to seem to have any relevance. It is, however, the films eccentric style that keeps you glued to the screen. Christina Ricci and Anjelica Houston give great performances and they are absolutely attuned to the eccentric style of the film.
The reasons I recommend Buffalo 66 are: 1. A strange and slow paced film that actually keeps you engaged with the subjects throughout by way of Gallo's masterful screenplay. 2. Fantastic performances by Gallo, Ricci and Anjelica Houston.