Film: Clerks 18 rating Year: 1994
Clerks DVD Cover
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Country: USA Genre: Comedy
Director: Kevin Smith
Starring: Dante Hicks, Jeff Anderson, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Jason Mewes

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Clerks Synopsis - Clerks is set in a small convenience store in New Jersey and centres around a day in the life of Dante, the shop assistant who is called into work on his day off one Saturday morning, to cover for a colleague. His friend Randall, who works in the video shop next door, pops in for chats and to give him advice. But today is a busy day for Dante as he has a hockey game and a wake to go to in the afternoon, but things are starting to take a turn for the worse. His current girlfriend Veronica in a spirit of openness reveals some things about her past that throws Dante into doubt about whether he can be with her again. Even worse is the news that his ex-girlfriend, whom he is still in love with, has announced she is getting married and turns up at the convenience store to see Dante. That's without the flotsam and jetsam that is the unpredictable customers that he has to deal with everyday.

Review of Clerks - Clerks is a ground breaking film. Stylistically it looks just like a student film project, but its storyline and laugh out loud dialogue is fantastic and is like a real breath of fresh air against the usual Hollywood teen flick. It is a shame and disappointment that Kevin Smith's follow up films have all remained in a similar style and that there seems very little progression there (and in fact there seems to be something of a regression even). But here where it started, its rawness, lack of polish, and its considerable charm and humour means this film takes quite some beating.
The reasons I recommend Clerks are: 1. Hugely funny dialogue. 2. Stylistically stripped down approach that draws you straight into the characters.