Film: Glengarry Glen Ross 15 rating Year: 1992
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Country: USA Genre: Drama
Director: James Foley
Starring: Jack Lemon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin

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Glengarry Glen Ross Synopsis - Glengarry Glen Ross is set in New York on a bleak evening pouring with rain, and centres around an office of real estate salesman. Times are tough and all the salesman are complaining about the awful leads they have been given, which they say is making it impossible to sell any real estate. Shelley, the oldest of the salesman, is desperate and is low on confidence. Dave is angry at being messed around by the office manager and is looking for a way out to earn some real money with a better firm. George also has lost confidence, is shell shocked by his his inability to close any deals. Ricky on the other hand, is super confident and is the only one closing deals at the moment and so he can afford be magnanimous about the others poor run. Then enters Blake from head office. Blake brings with him the new good leads(the Glengarry leads) for some prime real estate, but these will only be given out to people who can close on the existing leads, and he makes it clear those who cant do that will be fired. When the morning comes it is clear there has been a break in at the office, but why should an office be broken into and none of the equipment stolen?

Review of Glengarry Glen Ross - Glengarry Glen Ross is a masterful study of desperation and competition between individuals and is also a very neat crime thriller. Whilst it has retained much of the feeling of a stage play the lingering shots of the pouring rain serves to ratchet up the tension and claustrophobia of the situation the salesman find themselves in. The cast are superb, particularly Jack Lemon and Al Pacino who both give performances to rank beside the best of their other work.
The reasons I recommend Glengarry Glen Ross are: 1. A superb ensemble cast. 2. The fantastic dialogue employed between the characters. .