Film: Leaving Las Vegas 18 rating Year: 1995
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Country: USA Genre: Drama
Director: Mike Figgis
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Elisabeth Shue, Julian Sands, Richard Lewis

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Leaving Las Vegas Synopsis - Leaving Las Vegas is set in Las Vegas and centres around Ben, an alcoholic and former Hollywood screenwriter. He is in despair over losing everything to his drinking and arrives in Las Vegas with the wish to drink himself to death. He meets a prostitute Sera, she is also in despair about her life and they strike up a difficult relationship. Sera begins to fall in love with him but can Ben see anything past his avowed intention of drinking himself to death.

Review of Leaving Las Vegas - Leaving Las Vegas is a very poignant and beautiful film with minimal plot, but is driven along beautifully by the relationship between the two lead characters. This is a rather bleak story but in amongst the despair there is tenderness, but the film does not provide easy answers or solutions. Nick Cage is brilliant in this film, but the real revelation here is Elizabeth Shue, who gives one of the best performances seen on film for a very long time. It is a shame that Hollywood rarely supplies the the type and quality of scripts that her acting talent deserves and when they do come along the roles tend to go to bigger names with much less acting ability.
The reasons I recommend Leaving Las Vegas are: 1. Superb performances by Elizabeth Shue and Nick Cage. 2. A beautiful if bleak study of loneliness and despair.