Film: Lost in La Mancha 15 rating Year: 2002
Lost in La Mancha DVD Cover
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Country: USA Genre: Documentary
Director: Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
Starring: Terry Gilliam, Johnny Depp, Jean Rochefort

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Lost in La Mancha Synopsis - Lost in La Mancha is a film documenting Terry Gilliam's attempt to make the film the The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. The project had been a long time in the planning and given Terry Gilliam's previous films (which had spiraled over budget) the European backers of this film were nervously keeping tight hold on the purse strings. Given so much pre-production had been done i.e. costumes and models made etc, the film finally gets given the green light to start shooting. But almost as soon as location shooting commences things start to go wrong, and then disastrously wrong, and even Gilliam thinks the gods are against him on this one. Will he be able to get his film made by hook or by crook, or will the nervous backers cut their losses and pull the plug on the project.

Review of Lost in La Mancha - Lost in La Mancha is a fantastic document not only of the unique and brilliant vision and imagination of a genius director (Gilliam), but also of the failings of the money men being involved too heavily in film projects. Also in terms of sheer human drama, it is fascinating to see how differently people deal (or not) with disaster. This film is so much more than a making of a film we are used to seeing on DVD's so it was absolutely correct that this documentary was released in its on right.
The reasons I recommend Lost in La Mancha are: 1. The sheer true drama and intrigue in this peek behind the scenes of making a film. 2. The reaction of Terry Gilliam to the drama unfolding around him.