Film: Sideways 15 rating Year: 2004
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Country: USA Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Alexander Payne
Starring: Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, Sandra Oh

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Sideways Synopsis - Sideways centres around the character of Miles an English teacher and wine connoisseur who is a failed writer living in hope of his book being published. His best friend Jack , a fading actor, is getting married and Miles and Jack embark on a weeks road trip driving through California's wine country, stopping off at vineyards and playing golf and generally relaxing before Jacks wedding day. Jack has other ideas, he is determined to have lots to drink and also have a fling. During the trip they meet up with a couple of women that Miles has known from his wine trips, Stephanie and Maya. Jack and Stephanie dive head long into a fling, leaving Miles and Maya to talk about their lives. Miles is forced to look over his life and even though he develops feelings for Maya his past is complicated and he is uncertain whether he wants to leave his emotions open to be hurt again.

Review of Sideways - Sideways is a fantastic and sincere story that has a real emotional depth to it. The turmoil of the lead character Miles is portrayed so vividly that you cannot fail to engage with the story. The acting of Paul Giamatti and Virginia Masden is absolutely spellbinding. In my opinion this film is the best traditional story based film that has been made in quite a number of years.
The reasons I recommend Sideways are: 1. An absolutely superb story. 2. The performances of both Paul Giamatti and Virginia Masden are nothing short of masterful.