Film: The World According To Garp 15 rating Year: 1982
The World According To Garp DVD Cover
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Country: USA Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: George Roy Hill
Starring: Robin Williams, Mary Beth Hurt, Glenn Close, John Lithgow

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The World According To Garp Synopsis - The World According To Garp chronicles the life of T S Garp. Garp is brought up single handedly by his mother, Jenny, who is attendant to her happy son, and we see him grow into an adult and become a writer. When he has a wife and children of his own he longs for the idealistic perfect happy home life that, as a father, he wants to provide, but things get complicated. His mother becomes more busy and distant after she writes a feminist empowerment book. She suddenly becomes property of an adoring feminist public, and starts to attract radicals who resent Garp for being a man. His wife then commences an affair that leads to tragic consequences and Garp's dreams of an idyllic life all fall away, and he struggles to come to terms with what has happened. But can he get himself and his family back together amongst all the conflict.

Review of The World According To Garp - The World According To Garp is a deep yet humorous story of a man struggling to make sense of a world that doesn't seem to want to get on. It is a particularly interesting insight into the dreams a person has for his family and how life has a habit of getting in the way. In my opinion this is one of Robin Williams best performance in any of his films, (I think only Good Will Hunting the only other performance where he is so consistently superb). Given how big a star Robin Williams is, I am astounded that this great little film is so little known. I appreciate its not the zany Robin Williams that many people wanted at the time, but as a piece of "serious" cinema the film is a somewhat of a classic.
The reasons I recommend The World According To Garp are: 1. A superb study of a life lived for happiness and how real life gets in the way. 2. Robin Williams best performance to date.