Film: Hidden (AKA Cache) 15 rating Year: 2005
Hidden (Cache) DVD Cover
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Country: France Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director: Michael Haneke
Starring: Daniel Auteuil, Juliette Binoche, Maurice Bénichou, Bernard Le Coq

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Hidden Synopsis - Georges is the famous host of an arts discussion show on TV, and he lives in Paris in a comfortable house with his wife Anne and son Pierrot. Georges begins to receives surveillance videotapes of their house and their comings and goings. George and Anne are spooked but they are at a loss as to whom may be doing this. When strange childlike drawings are sent through the door with a videotape it stirs in Georges a childhood memory of an Algerian boy who his parents were going to adopt, and that George tried to stop becoming part of the family. When they take the evidence and his suspicions to the police they are told there is nothing the police can do until an offence has been committed. So Georges takes the law into his own hands to make the suspected perpetrator desist from victimising his family.

Review of Hidden- AKA Cache. Hidden, quite rightly, garnered much critical and public praise upon its release. Haneke again uses a story behind a story here (like his previous film The Time of the Wolf), the main narrative of the story as described above, of the lead character and his family being "stalked" on video and his attempts to stop this, whereas the hidden story behind this focuses on the nature of guilt both personal, and to a larger extent national (with particular reference to the treatment of immigrant Algerians in France). Once again Haneke masterfully weaves both stories together beautifully cohesively and he cements his reputation as one of the talents of modern European cinema. Special mention here should be made of the cast as they are all absolutely superb. This is without doubt one of the best movies made in recent years.

The reasons I recommend Hidden are: 1. A superbly skilful story. 2. An excellent ensemble cast.