Film: Time Of The Wolf 15 rating Year: 2003
Time Of The Wolf DVD Cover
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Country: France Genre: Drama
Director: Michael Haneke
Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Béatrice Dalle, Patrice Chéreau, Rona Hartner

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Time Of The Wolf Synopsis - Time Of The Wolf is set in a post-apocalyptic France. Society has crumbled, the nations infrastructure also is in shatters, and there is no running water, electricity or apparent transport. Anne, her husband and young son and daughter have managed to get out of the towns and have headed to the country to seek the refuge of their summer home. Upon arriving there they find the place is already occupied. The squatters kill Anne's husband, steal the families supplies and force them to leave the house. Anne and her two children travel along the wasteland trying to find some shelter. Eventually they are directed to a railway station where a small struggling group of individuals are holed up in the hope that a train will come past and they can then make it stop and that it will take them somewhere safe. With food and water running low and leaders taking control of the demand for supplies things begin to look even more bleak. But then a large group of travelers join the community and amongst them is the man who shot Anne's husband. How will Anne and the fledgling community deal with this new situation

Review of Time Of The Wolf - As ever with Haneke, his gorgeous sparse shooting style is an absolutely joy to watch, and this is even further exaggerated by the desolation of the still landscape. Surprisingly the real stars and focus of Time Of The Wolf is the three children (the son and daughter of Anne and a young lad they find on the way). In truth both Huppert and Dalle are given little enough to do in the film to really shine, but both take their roles with consummate ease. The cause of the apocalyptic event is never advised to the viewer and this film is as much a study of society and refugees as it is a story of a post apocalyptic themes.
The reasons I recommend Time Of The Wolf are: 1. A superbly shot film. 2. The performances of the three young children are fabulous.